kadri otsiver

New Project

I’ve started a new summer-long project, the second one I’ve initiated myself. The swamp project (that’s not the name of it)  is about people and space they inhabit - their relation to it - as much as ‘Ta Aed on Tema Nägu (Her Garden has Her Face)’ is. But while making the latter project I became gradually more familiar with its people, then in the case of my new work people come and go. It is daunting to constantly start interactions with strangers but at the same time, it is very refreshing - when you live alone in an isolated place and your social skills are starting to degrade, then having these occasional adrenaline kicks is much needed.

A Pause

Estonia has loosened its coronavirus restrictions and I was surprised to see how normal everything in the city seemed. Cafes, bars, museums are open and people are enjoying themselves; but at 10 PM comes a drone to notify that the party is over, go home. Very futuristic, isn’t it?  

In the countryside, however, life has been similar throughout corona months. With the only exception that suddenly everything has started to blossom now that the weather has finally gone warmer. 

Life’s pretty good. 

Down to Earth

Some time ago I saw a documentary about the mapping of the universe.  Have you ever thought about your address like this - I live in Estonia, which is located in Europe, on Planet Earth, in Milky Way Galaxy. Here it goes more bonkers. The Milky Way lies in a supercluster called Local, which is part of supercluster Laniakea, which is formed of around 100,000 galaxies! But oh my, Laniakea is just one unit in the web of superclusters! 

Is there an edge to the Universe? And just think about the possibility of the existence of life that operates in a similar way to us.

But now back to Earth - there’s some unfinished business here. 


Who else feels that this isolation situation has expanded their horizon? (which seems ironic as today we operate in a space with a very limited horizon). Like the other day, I felt that I really want to experiment with a flashgun. Not to use it as a soft fill light but to go bold and to add harsh shadows. Whoever is familiar with my images understands that the light sits on them ‘invisibly’, but sometimes it feels too romantic to me, and I feel like I somehow need to create a disturbance to the scenery.  

Here’s another strategy, conceptual language, I’ve become more confident with since spending so much time alone.



Hooray, another roll of images developed and scanned.

I’ve taken self-isolation very seriously as my parents are in their 60’s plus they’re both caretakers. Here I applause to the heroes of this unprecedented time. Thanks!

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