kadri otsiver

Permaculture Pt. 2

I’m going back to the permaculture garden next week to take more images; and only some months ago I thought that I am done with the project. Little did I know that ‘Ta Aed on Tema Nägu (Her Garden has Her Face)’ is going to bring me so much more joy, and I still find it difficult to believe how much attention the work has had. 

 Although I won’t be spending as much time on taking images as I did last year, I still feel very good about going there. I’m also wondering if this is the last summer I will be working on it… or maybe it is one of those long-term projects where I’m going to see the kids grow in front of my lens. Who knows, I’ll let it develop organically. 

I’m going to copy-paste a text from my Q and A with the Photograd platform, maybe someone is interested in finding out more about how I found Triinu and her family:

How did you find Triinu? What were her thoughts on you making a body of work around her permaculture practice? Meeting Triinu actually had a pretty disastrous prelude, or, one of those disappointing moments when you feel that everything you have worked for has collapsed. I won the Reginald Salisbury travel award and my first plan was to do fieldwork in one of the organic farms in Wales. It did not work out as my informant, at one point, was not interested anymore. Then I had to find some other means to go through with my project proposal, and I thank my lucky stars that things ended up as they did! I just could not have asked for a better experience as Triinu herself was passionate about sharing her story. 

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