kadri otsiver

Plans after graduating

I first met Diana at a photography exhibition in Cardiff. It is impossible not to notice someone carrying a charming sausage dog who, as I later find out, is called Oliver. A few weeks ago I dropped by Diana’s studio to ask about her life after receiving a photography degree 7 years ago and was happy to see them both again. 

Diana is a freelance product photographer. Her images are fresh, pure and harmonious, and when I ask her whether product photography was also in her mind when he graduated a photography course in Newport, then the answer is ‘no’ - she disregarded it until realising that it can be so much more than just a white backdrop and an object in the center of the image. Diana tells me that creativity plays a massive role in her work, as through thoughtful usage of props and backgrounds she has to bring the product to life.

I ask about the daily routine of a freelancer and Diana tells me that there’s no fixity in her schedule  - some days involve only shooting in the studio, some editing and every once in a while she likes to work from home. But she stresses the importance of time off: “you have to take care of yourself, otherwise you’ll get sick”. Diana loves long walks with Oliver, being by the sea, and watching movies. 

I ask what book, movie, or music inspires Diana she brings out an artist Khruangbing and their album The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015), and when I listen to it later I can easily imagine this sound echoing in her studio. 

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